Chronic Diseases.-S.Hahnemann A PROPOSAL OF REFERENCES TO REPERTORIAL SYMPTOMS Mind 1.- EXCITEMENT 2.- SENSITIVE 3.- EXCITEMENT,emotional,ailments from 4.- /inclosed in 3, 35 and 95, according to german original/ Head -- PAIN,Sides,one side 5.- PAIN,excitement of the emotions,after : anger,after; contradiction,after; fright,after; grief,from; joy,from excessive; vexation,after; attention,from too eager; looking fixedly at anything,from; mental exertion; straining eyes,from 6.- PERSPIRATION scalp, evening; sleep, on falling a 7.- HAIR,dryness 8.- HAIR,falling 9.- DANDRUFF /according to german/ /-See 71.-PAIN,lifting,from/ Eye 10.-INFLAMMATION,recurrent Nose 11.-EPISTAXIS,(copious); young women ; (-and young men) 12.- /=15/ - CATARRH,dry,chronic / german/ 13.- /=15/ 14.-CATARRH,(difficult) 15.-CATARRH, (recurrent) - CORYZA, (recurrent) /=12,13/ 16.-CORYZA,constant 17.-CORYZA,chronic /12-17: CATARRH (more local) =/= CORYZA (more general,"rhinitis") / 18.-OBSTRUCTION,chronic ; one-sided 19.-ULCERS,nostrils - INFLAMMATION,margins / german/ 20.-DRYNESS,sensation of Face 21.-DISCOLORATION,pale 22.- /See Generalities, german/ 23.- /See Extremities, acc. to german/ 24.-CRACKED lips,lower lip 25.-HEAT,anxiety,during ; flashes; DISCOLORATION,red,(flashes of heat,during) (40).-SWELLING,submaxillary glands Mouth 26.-ODOR,offensive ; morning; menses,during 27.-ODOR,putrid 28.-ODOR,offensive ; disordered stomach,as from 29.-ODOR,musty 30.-ODOR, (insipid)- /exactly german, although it is a taste quality/ 31.-ODOR,sour 32.-TASTE,sour 33.-DISCOLORATION,Tongue,pale ; white 34.-CRACKED,Tongue fissured -- DRYNESS,morning; night Teeth 35.-PAIN,excitement,from: anger,after; vexation,after 36.-PAIN,drawing; damp weather ; (stormy weather); wind, - in dry,cold - in raw (=damp and chilly); cold,from a; (lifting) Throat-internal 37.-MUCUS, (constant) - /"mucosités persistantes", there is not in english translation/ (copious) INFLAMMATION,chronic - Pharynx (chronic) ? /there is not in Jourdan's french transl./ 38.-INFLAMMATION,Tonsils,recurrent /confirmed from german original/ Throat-external 39.-SWELLING,Cervical Glands / original/ 40.-/See Face/ Stomach 41.-AVERSION,milk 42.-AVERSION,food,cooked; food,warm; meat; warm cooked food, (children) 43.-APPETITE,increased,alternating with loss of appetite - insatiable, (alternating with loss of appetite) /new subrubric, connected with existing rubric/ 44.-NAUSEA,morning 45.-EMPTINESS /-See 71.-/ Abdomen 46.-DISTENSION 47.-PAIN,periodical,every day - PAIN,cramping,periodical /See Pain in general/ cramping,morning; cramping,children Stool 48.-MUCOUS 49.-HARD - CONSTIPATION,hard stool,from /See Stool/ 50.-BROWN ; MUCOUS,covered with mucus 51.-SOFT; FERMENTED - Rectum,DIARRHOEA Rectum /-See 51-/ 52.-HAEMORRHOIDS 53.-HAEMORRHAGE from anus,stool,during 54.-ITCHING ; around anus 55.-WORM, ascarides ; lumbricoides 56.-ITCHING,ascarides,from;-(children) /[ Ascaris: -lumbricoides -vermicularis = Oxyuris ]/ Urine 57.-COLOR,dark /checked in original/ Genitalia-Female 58.-/See Generalities/ MENSES,painful,dysmenorrhoea 59.-MENSES,absent,amenorrhoea 60.- MENSES,irregular 61.- MENSES,copious 62.- MENSES,scanty 63.- MENSES,frequent,too early,too soon; -late 64.- MENSES,protracted 65.- MENSES,thin Larynx and Trachea 66.-VOICE,hoarseness, (frequent) Chest 67.-OPPRESSION ? /there is not in english and Jourdan's translations; "narrowness", "tightness", according to literal translation from german/ 68.-Respiration,DIFFICULT ; (frequent attacks) /confirmed from german;"asma", translated by Jourdan;"dyspnoea" by english and P.Schmidt-/ 69.-Cough,SHORT,morning Back 70.-PAIN,drawing; TENSION; PAIN,drawing,Cervical region; -TENSION,Cervical region /confirmed from original; ["jerk"= tironear; "tear" = desgarrar = 'déchirer'; "drawing","tensive" = estirar,tirar ='tirailler' ] -only P.Schmidt translated "déchirer"-/ 71.-(~126) PAIN,Lumbar region,exertion ? /modality not found in original/ PAIN,reaching up; lifting /cross-ref. with PAIN,Lumbar region,lifting;region in Jourdan and P.Schmidt/ 72.-(=71) 73.-PAIN,Lumbar region,wet weather,in; PAIN,thunderstorm,during agg.; PAIN,Lumbar region, (wind) 74.-PAIN,Lumbar region,cold,from taking 75.-(~72,71) PAIN,(excitement,from) Extremities (23).-DRYNESS,Nates 76.-CRAMPS,Upper Limbs Hand 77.-DRYNESS, (Upper Limbs) /-See 100-/ 78.-COLDNESS,Hand 79.-PERSPIRATION,Hand,palm 80.-HEAT,Hand,palm, (burning) - PAIN,burning,Hand,palm 81.-CRACKS skin,Hands 82.-FELON,panaritium 83.-DRYNESS, (thighs) /-See 100-/ 84.-VARICES,Leg 85.-CRAMPS,Leg,calf 86.-CORNS,painful; sore /confirmed from german/ 87.-COLDNESS,Foot; DRYNESS,Feet /-See 100-/ 88.-HEAT,Foot,sole, (burning) - PAIN,burning,Foot,sole 89.-PERSPIRATION,Foot,offensive 90.-NUMBNESS,Upper Limbs ; Hand ; Lower Limbs ; Foot 91.-/-See 101,125- (only in P.Schmidt, not in german)/ 92.-PAIN,drawing, (exertion,after) - PAIN,exertion,slight,after ? /only in P.Schmidt,not in Jourdan/ 93.-PAIN,drawing, (thunderstorm agg.) - cross-ref.-PAIN,thunderstorm agg. /also in Jourdan/ (wet weather) - cross-ref.-PAIN,wet weather- (wind) 94.-PAIN,drawing,cold,after taking 95.-PAIN,excitement,from; fright,from 96.-DISLOCATION,spontaneous,(easy) /also in Jourdan/ 97.-CRACKING,joints,in, (motion,on) 98.-(=118) CHILBLAINS, (mild weather) /-cross-ref.- Hands,mild weather/ 99.-(=119) PAIN,Foot,chilblains,as from - PAIN, (chilblains,as from) /from general to particular is inclosed!, not from particular to general/ 100.-DRYNESS,Upper Limbs /115/; Hands ; Lower Limbs ;(thighs) /115/ /+ 77,83,87 / /addition to all subrubrics because there is not a general subrubric of "Limbs"; in "Hands", because is the largest rubric/ 101.-TWITCHING,sleep,on falling asleep + JERKING,falling sleep /"Zucken", only one concept in german for both english terms!/ (126).-DRAWING up limbs agg. /symptom is referred to arms itselves ?/ Sleep 102.-/enclosed in 103.-is the summary of all translations: "rêves causent de l'agitation" (Jourdan); "uneasy dreams"(Tafel); "sommeil avec rêves agités"(P.Schmidt)/ 103.-DREAMS,anxious /this rubric incloses "distressing", "tormenting", "troubled"/ 104.-DREAMS,frightful 105.-DREAMS,vivid 106.-UNREFRESHING 107.-(~127) Perspiration 108.-MORNING,bed,in 109.-DAYTIME - EXERTION,during slight /it seems redundant to specify "(easy)"; translations said: "transpirations profuses le jour"(P.Schmidt); "facilité extreme de suer pendant la journée"(Jourdan); "perspiration breaks out too easily during the daytime"(Tafel)/ Skin (110).-DRY,inability to perspire 111.-UNHEALTHY 112.-ULCERS,suppurating; suppurative pain,with* /confirmed from german/ /See Generalities/ 113.-ERUPTIONS,boils /+ 82/ 114.-ERYSIPELAS,recurrent 115.- /23,77,83,100/ 116.-ERUPTIONS,scaly,spots; + (itching voluptuous,with); ITCHING,voluptuous /-cross-ref.- » » » (symptom as complet previous line)/ 117.-ERUPTIONS,vesicular,itching /confirmed in german/ ERUPTIONS,burning,scratching,after /-cross-ref. BURNING,scratching,after/ /you mark particular rubric, and you connect it with the general one / ERUPTIONS,vesicular,suppurating /Tafel and Jourdan, confirmed in Hahnemann/ /-116 and 117, in P.Schmidt are a lot confusing/ 118.- /=98/ 119.- /=99/ Generalities (22).-(RELAXATION of muscles) (58).-MENSES,during (112).-WOUNDS,ulcerating; painful /See Skin,ULCERS,suppurating; suppurative pain,with*/ 120.-NIGHT 121.-WINTER,in; SPRING,in ; WIND,cold; CHANGE of weather agg. /interpreted from "with a low barometer agg."/ 122.-COLD,tendency to take; becoming,after,a part of body agg. ; feet ; head 123.-COLD,becoming,after,agg. 124.-MOTION amel. - REST (See Motion) 125.-TWITCHING, here and there ; subsultus tendinum /See 91/ /according to original; no other translations agrees/ 126.-/See 71.-/ EXERTION,physical,agg.,(slight); LIFTING,straining of muscles and tendons,from /See Extremities/ WEAKNESS,lifting,from 127.-(~107) WEAKNESS,morning,waking,on /because modality has priority, in LASSITUDE and WEARINESS there is not the subrubric "waking,on"/ 128.-(~39) (SCROFULA) /adding new rubric with all references (attached sheet)/ /only P.Schmidt adds "forme fruste"/ /See 22/ We are being following the ordered numbering proposed by P.Schmidt. The following symptoms are only found in french translation by Pierre Schmidt : 1,2,4,15,16,17,40,67,71,72,74,75,91,92,95,112. Symptoms that are only in english translation by Louis H.Tafel are scheduled in the right place of repertory but without numeration. We have made a later comparison with Jourdan's french translation, used by Tafel to make his english translation. Surprisingly, with all differences you can find, in either french translations (by Jourdan and by P.Schmidt) the original second german edition of Hahnemann's book is the same source used. This is not the case with the english translation by Tafel, that is a translation from the Jourdan's french one. Legends: -(between brackets): new symptoms or modalities, rubrics not existing in Kent's Repertory. -underlined: modality or symptom preferential or choosed, instead of or besides other estimated and doubtful alternatives. -/between slashes/: our commentaries. *errors in Radar-Kent/Synthesis Repertory we have found during this work: a rubric is lacking: Skin,ULCERS, suppurative pain, with Checked Bibliography : 1.-Kent's Repertory.-Jain Publ. 2.-The Chronic Diseases (theoretical part) .-S. Hahnemann.-Jain Publ. 3.-Les Maladies Chroniques.-S.Hahnemann.-Maisonneuve. 4.-Tratado de Enfermedades Crónicas.-S.Hahnemann.-Academia de Homeopatía de Asturias. 5.-Les Maladies Chroniques.Partie Théorique.-A.J.L.Jourdan.-Eds.École Belge d'Homoeopathie. 6.-Synthesis Repertory.-Radar.-Archibel. 7.-Chronische Krankheiten, Theoretischer Teil.-S.Hahnemann.-O.-Verlag GmbH. We want to acknowledge the valuable aid of Dr. Joaquim Nabona, member of Spanish Aurum group, in checking german original work of Hahnemann and doing useful remarks. Author: Belladonna Group. Homoeopathia Europea.

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