Homeopathy for Health in Africa

Dear Dynamis friends and fellow homoeopaths This is your old friend and teacher Jeremy Sherr, writing from Tanzania in Africa. For some of you, it has been many years since we have seen each other, while others have just recently finished Dynamis. But I have shared a journey with all of you, which binds us together. In Quantum physics language, we are entangled. I therefore want to share with you what I have been doing and where I am going. Most importantly I am finally in Tanzania working on the 'Homoeopathy for Health in Africa' – project, specifically intended to help patients with AIDS. I believe, or rather I know, that homoeopathy has much to offer those suffering from this terrible disease. I have already treated over 40 cases here with very promising results. One of our former AIDS patients is now totally negative. Others are making excellent progress. Wherever we go, people are excited about what homeopathy has to offer. I also believe that for us to grow in our knowledge of homoeopathy, we must move forward into the sphere of bigger totalities and more serious diseases. I am sure you all remember out discussions on epidemics in homoeopathy, and it is now the time for to implement this knowledge. Over the last 10 years, my trusted colleague and friend Tina Quirk and I have worked towards this goal. It has not been easy; there have been many obstacles along the way, and I imagine that there are many more awaiting us. But I am going to make this happen, to the best of my ability. Since 2005 I have traveled to Africa three times to set this project up, and to treat patients with AIDS. I have now taken the year off from most of my teaching and clinics so I can dedicate all of my time and energy to this mission. Hopefully Camilla and our three kids will join me. Our mission is: 1. To treat as many AIDS patients as possible (A minimum of 500, hopefully much more) 2. To find out if AIDS in Africa is an 'epidemic' or not. 3. If it is, to find a genus epidemicus. 4. To spread the knowledge gained throughout Africa and the world. 5. To establish a research program that will validate our work scientifically. I know this is a tall order, and I pray that it can be achieved. If it can't be fully achieved, helping those I can will be worth it. At the moment I am setting up the infrastructure. I am working together with Dynamis school graduates from Ireland who know Tanzania well, and have already done excellent work in setting up the school with our friend, the Tanzanian homoeopath Sigsbert Rwegasira. We are now finalizing the school project so that it is up and running in the near future, and at the same time we are establishing several AIDS clinics. You can learn more about the school and Sigsbert on www.tiamproject.com/video.html I not feel that this is 'my' project. I see this is a Dynamis school project. I have always told you that to treat an epidemic one needs a 'posidemic' – a group of people united by a common goal. You are part of that posidemic. We have learnt and laughed together, and we have contributed more then 30 new provings to the homoeopathic world. It is time to climb the next mountain together. So once again I am asking you to join me on this journey, and I will tell you how. 1. Read the section on AIDS, the brochure and my vision, on my website www.dynamis.edu 2. Set your intention on making this a success from every point of view, concentrate on it and believe in it. Do this once a week, or once a day! 3. We very short on funds (see blog 1). We need money for the clinics, the school, remedies, equipment, translators and administrators. If you can do any fund raising activity, know of anyone who can contribute, or if you can contribute yourself, please do. There are details on the website. Any financial help is appreciated. Donations can be made on my website via Paypal or with a credit card. For enquiries email Liz Norman on liz@dynamis.edu UK donations can enjoy a added bonus from the government in the form of 'Gift Aid'. Email Liz for details, To donate tax free you can send a check directly to one of our affiliated charities in England and the USA. The addresses are on the attached brochure and on the website. Please make sure to state that the donation is for Jeremy Sherr's "Homeopathy for Health in Africa" project. 4. We need contacts, mainly for fund raising and for useful people and organizations in Africa (Mainly Tanzania). More importantly, we need people to help make and follow up these contacts. Action is preferable to suggestions, because our hands are very full here, so we would much rather hear 'I wrote to so and so...' than 'you can write to so and so...' but anything is welcome!, We have all necessary documents available should you wish to submit a proposal. Check with Tina on tinq@aol.com There is also a short movie explaining the project, which will shortly be available on youtube.com. This should be a great fund raising resource. 5. You can raise money for this project in many ways, but one of the most fun ones would definitely be the 'Zanzibar Challenge' http://www.tiamproject.com/zanzibar.htm We hope to set up some other projects in the future, including seminar and safari combinations. For other ways to raise money, see our attached list. 6. In the future, I will want some of you to come to Africa and help, with clinics, teaching and admin. But the timing must be right. For now, I need to set up the clinics and school. When things are ready, 'Karibuni' -welcome, I will be waiting for you. One of the aims of this project is to set up sustainability and continuity, to spread the word far and wide, and that is where you come in. At this stage due to lack of resources we cannot fund you, but hopefully that will improve in the future. If you want to come, write to Tina Quirk and tell us a bit about yourself and what you can offer. Coming over to practice homeopathy here will only be appropriate for a minimum of three months, or for regular visits over a year, because continuity is needed, and because it takes time to get used to life in Africa. I have to be clear; this is not a walk in the park. Living conditions are tough, there are many difficulties. You need to have a high MOPMEC and motivation. It will take a lot of time and energy to set someone up and to support them. Therefore, to start with we prefer those who have lived in Africa or developing countries before. If you have such experience and can join me for a while, contact us now. If not, the right time will come. When the school opens in the next academic year, suitable teachers can come for shorter periods. These offers are open to all homeopaths, but I deal with classical homoeopathy, and I know Dynamis graduates are in line with my thinking. Meanwhile, for a taste of homeopathy in Africa, seminar and safari, we hope to have something organized for you during 2009. Tanzania is a welcoming, peaceful and beautiful country. I am writing a Blog on my experiences, you can see the first installment on http://jeremysjournalfromafrica.blogspot.com/ I will also hope to be sending other newsletters once in a while. Today is international AIDS day 2008. Therefore I am launching the "Homoeopathy for Health in Africa" project today. In case one forgets what this is about, the situation is desperate. I read the books, I saw the documentaries. Things are much worse. Homoeopathy can help. We must act. I want you to be part of this. Alone, I can help a few people. Together we can make a big difference. With Warm Wishes Jeremy P.S Please forward this to those who need to see it. Please do not reply directly to me. Source: http://www.wholehealthnow.com/homeopathy_pro/sherr-tanzania-2008.pdf

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