Samuel Hahnemann ……. and using Two remedies !?

Compiled from emails by Dr. Ramakrishnan and the reply to questions to his students by Dr. Luc De Schepper. To answer the question about Hahnemann supposedly using more then one remedy: the ‘Double Remedy method’ of Hahnemann. You tell me there are some teachers promoting the use of more then one remedy at the same time (with ‘at the same time’ is also meant ‘in short sequence’, before the effect of the first remedy has had time to fully develop and pass away). For example Dr. Ramakrishnan promotes alternation of remedies. He also mentions or let me say ‘abuses’ a letter from Hahnemann in which Hahnemann discussed the use of two remedies. (I have added the email I received from you below). I also hear that in a method called ‘Disease Classification’ by Ewald Stöteler is also suggesting that Hahnemann was using more then one remedy at the same time. This is absolute not true. About the letter which Dr Ramakrishnan has been sending out (which email is mentioned below). Ramakrishnan does not mention the reply letter to Aegidi in which he says that he had tried it, and only one or two of these alternations were successful and therefore NOT acceptable. Dr Aegidi himself gave up this practice shortly after! EMAIL FROM: DR. RAMAKRISHNAN Dear Reader I am giving below the letter of Dr. Hahnemann, which I had talked about in my Amsterdam cancer seminar. Regards, Dr. A. U. RAMAKRISHNAN ********************** THE OBSERVATIONS OF Dr. HAHNEMANN THE FATHER OF HOMOEOPATHY (An extract from Dr. Hahnemann's reply letter addressed to Julius Aegidi physician to Princes Frederica of Prussia who communicated in 1833 his discovery of the combination remedies) Dear Friend & Colleague 'Do not suppose that I reject anything good from mere prejudice............ All I desire is the Truth.......... "Two remedies should be given in combination in a highly potentised form, provided each, in its own is Homoeopathic to the case. In such a case it is an advantage to our art which should not be repudiated ............ I am like wise glad to hear that Boenninghausen approves of this plan.<> "At the same time, I shall protest and earnestly warn against the arbitrary combination of any two drugs indiscriminately". Dated: 15th May 1833 "Truly Yours Sd. S. Hahnemann Below is what Luc de Schepper wrote about it in his book "Hahnemann did it too!" Mixing of remedies and administering several remedies in a row in a very short time span, like one week, is very popular with too many homeopaths, even teachers. They seem too have good arguments. One of them is that modern times are very different from Hahnemann’s time, with more complicate diseases, thus (in their opinion) requiring a mixture or several remedies in a row to bring about homeostasis. An even more powerful logic is, "Hahnemann did it too!" He was a "poly-pharmacist who used combination remedies with "great success." ….. But when did he do this and what did he have to say about it? Some newcomers to homeopathy might be fooled by the many false portrayals of homeopathy but not those with experience. It is my duty to set the record straight. This double remedy method originated with Dr. Karl Julius Aegidi (1794 -1874), one of Hahnemann’s disciples and physician to Princess Frederica of Prussia. In cases where he could not find one remedy to match the symptoms (don't forget we are talking about the experiments of early1830s, with fewer remedies than we had now!), he combined two homeopathic remedies that fit the case. He communicated this to Hahnemann who did his own experiments. In response to Dr. Aegidi, Hahnemann wrote on May 15, 1833 the following letter, in which he is open to the idea: "Do not suppose that I reject anything good from mere prejudice… All I desire is the Truth… Two remedies should be given in combination in a highly potentized form, provided each, in its own is homeopathic to the case (emphasis by the author). In such a case it is an advantage to our art, which should not be repudiated… I am likewise to hear that Von Bőnninghausen approves of this plan. At the same time, I shall protest and earnestly warn against the arbitrary combination of any two drugs indiscriminately." (emphasis by the author) As you can see, even when he did his own experiences, Hahnemann speaks about remedies homeopathic to the case, from which I understand that they were never given at the same time, but rather alternating with each other. Hahnemann intended to mention the double remedy method in a footnote in the 5th edition of the Organon but in the end he decided to remove this footnote. At first it had mainly to do with political reasons as not to give allopathy a weapon in which they could say, "you see you have to imitate us already!" But now see what Hahnemann wrote a few months later!!! In a personal letter to Von Bőnninghausen, he wrote:…. "October 16, 1833: "From many attempts of this kind of double remedies only one or two have been successful, which is insufficient for the establishment of a new rule. It seems to be a very doubtful and very difficult method; from several trials in this manner only one or two turned out well, which is insufficient for the proposing of a new theory." Only in a time span from May till October, 1833, enough to perform his experiments, did Hahnemann abandon this theory. He says to Von Bőnninghausen that his experiment with double remedies proved a failure because they did not work as well as single remedies (it was only successful in one or two cases). Does that experiment sound like it was very successful as some claim? And as we know he really writes in 5th and 6th edition of the Organon, aphorism 273, that "In no case of cure is it necessary to employ more than a single simple medicinal substance at one time with a patient. For this reason alone, it is inadmissible to do so…" And in the Organon aphorism 274 he writes: "The true medical-art practitioner finds in quite simple medicines, employed singly and unmixed, all that he could wish for…" And he mention all his reasons for doing this such as that single remedies have been fully proven and that even in case of failure of therapy we confirm from the accessory symptoms or the new ailments caused by this remedy the findings of the provings of this remedy, in other words a confirmation of its proving symptoms. Hahnemann's experiences with double remedies were a failure and he realized that the pseudo homeopaths would abuse the dual remedies and the allopaths would call it a return to polypharmacy. Even Dr. Aegidi who introduced this idea abandoned it very quickly. As you can see, the whole truth is quite different! Warm regards Dr luc Author: Dr. Luc De Schepper, More information: TEXTOS DE HAHNEMANN SOBRE EL USO DE DOS REMEDIOS SIMULTÁNEAMENTE / Hahnemann's references about using two remedies simultaneously

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