That Spirit-Like Force: Homeopathy

The Physics of Water
Why is water so special?

(Outline of talk)
  • The water molecule and hydrogen bonding
  • Liquid water has many strange properties
  • Water is not just H2O molecules
  • What happens when you shake water
  • How succussed water is different from ‘just’ H2O
  • So. Does water have a memory?
  • Conclusions

Author: Martin Chaplin. Emeritus Professor of Applied Science. BSc PhD CChem FRSC. London South Bank University. Curriculum & Selection of Recent Publications.
PowerPoint presentation at 66th LMHI Congress, New Delhi (India), December, 1-4, 2011.
Water Structure and Science by Martin Chaplin.
More about Water research by different authors.
The Memory of Water: an overview by Martin Chaplin, published in the journal Homeopathy, vol. 96, nº 3, p. 141-230, July 2007.
Discussion about Memory of Water between Martin Chaplin and skeptics.
Homeopathy—quackery or a key to the future of medicine? Edited transcript of a debate held at the University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, Connecticut, USA on 25 October 2007. Published in the journal Homeopathy, vol. 97, nº 1, p. 28-33, January 2008.

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